Evaluation Phase

The completed product:

The 'MUMI Apron' is quite appealing with the attractive colours and design working in harmony to achieve a feminine yet practical garment to address the needs of the new mother.
The MUMI Apron addressed the issues:

  • Machine washable with a bonus of quick air drying
  • Essentials (dummies, nursing pads, wet wipes, sweet treats) located in easily accessible pockets within the front area of the apron.
  • Completely portable, foldup, lightweight
  • Able to be taken on and off with the ease of one hand

Modification was necessary to the front pocket area after trying on the finished product. It was revealed that, after placing the wet wipes into the front pocket area, the whole of the apron pulled downward with the weight in a central position. This was rectified, by Cherie sewing additional seams in the pockets and placing ties at either end of the pockets to disperse the weight of the essential items across the front of the apron.
Waterproof material is still being sourced for the shoulder pads. Visiting local material and fabric shops indicated that this waterproof material is not readily available and will have to be sourced from a larger town such as Brisbane or Sydney. Speaking to a CQU student peer, who has used the waterproof material for sewing her own cloth nappies, it was revealed that she had to outsource the material from a large store in the Brisbane area.

A short discussion was held with a mother of a four month old baby who also happens to have an academic professional career. We asked her personal opinion of the finished product which at the time was being modeled by Cherie. This garment was appealing to her in the sense that it was attractive and provided areas within the product to hold the essentials that are required close on hand to the baby. Additional comments and suggestions made by this young professional mother were; a mobile phone holder or hand held phone holder, larger terry cloth shoulder pads (possibly could cater to this request by offering a choice of say three sizes) and an area for storing a small hand sanitising pump .

The intended recipient of the M.U.M.I has still not given birth to her baby and as it intention was to be part of a gift we will have to await the evaluation of the product in its actual use. Other questions that will need to be asked would include;

  • did the M.U.M.I. wash and wear well?
  • Did the press studs at the shoulders wear well
  • Was the sewing of good quality with no seam pull aparts etc
  • Was it actually a product that you used frequently at home or did you use it once then never again?
  • How could it have been modified to better meet your needs?

The product was shown to the same group of mothers who had initially asked for 'someone to invent something'. The feedback on the apron from some of them included the following comments

  • " Its a bit 'granny looking' "
  • " I love it! I should tell my sister about it she can sew!"
  • " Velcro side tabs could have been better"
  • " It would be great to wear at home when you can't be bothered to get out of your P.J.'s you wouldn't mind answering the doorbell wearing that"
  • " The shoulder pads are good but you'd need more than 4 with my baby"
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