The Design Brief & Specifications
Introduction The busy mother of a new baby is constantly frustrated by losing necessary items or not having them immediately handy. The baby's dummy is not locatable, she needs some wet wipes that are either in the car in the nappy bag or in the baby's bedroom and she has that awful smell of regurgitated milk wafting up from her left shoulder because a nappy or a bib was not available. This mother needs some way of getting quick access to all of these necessities
Specifications Design and construct a device that will keep the numerous necessities of a mother for her new baby handy
Brief The device must be washable and portable. It must be made from natural materials and pose no safety risk to either the mother or child. The initial cost of the item must be kept under $100 and repeat production of the product without accessories kept to approximately $30.00
Presentation The device must be constructed for and used by the mother of a baby. Feedback from that mother must be included in the assessment documentation.
Time Four weeks
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