The Situation
Saturday July 5th 2008

A group of women sit chatting about the impending birth of baby number 3 for 44 year old ‘already-mother-of two’. Mrs. 44 is excited and happy about the event which is now only 6 weeks away. It will be a busy time for this mother, even with the help of her 10 and 7 year olds and husband. She lamented the problems she knows will come with the territory of a new baby. Her complaints of “always losing the dummy” and “never having a wet wipe handy when you needed one”, quickly turned into a chorus. Every mother had a story. It may have been the one about the crusty hair and ‘hours old’ aroma of undigested milk sitting on her left shoulder. Or the one about the seemingly eternally elusive nursing pad to stem the flow of milk from her fullest breast. No matter what the story was, each mother was equally passionate about the tears they shed over what, in the light of day and with the passage of time, seemed minor issues. Each one purged her soul about her early motherhood experiences. Finally a silence fell over the usually noisy group when one exclaimed “someone should invent something that would keep all of those things handy”. Each one nodded in silent agreement before the subject matter turned to husbands and nappies….

“someone should invent something that would keep all of those things handy”.

‘someone’ will !

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